Weld magnetic head
Weld magnetic head
Weld magnetic head
Weld magnetic head
Weld magnetic head
Weld magnetic head
Weld magnetic head
Weld magnetic head

Weld magnetic head

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Make your welding work easier and safer

Finding a suitable grounding point for welding is sometimes a problem, especially if the surface is flat and the grounding clamp has no place to be clamped. But don't worry anymore, this  welding magnetic head  is a practical tool that  can be attached to all metal surfaces  and  serves as a  grounding  point  that  would  definitely  speed up your welding work !

It can hold weld plates, pipes, or other workpieces to free both hands and work  safely on any project  . This has the versatility to use both sides of the magnets   to ensure quick and easy operation .


  • STRONG MAGNETIC GRIP: Easy attachment to any smooth, flat or curved metal surface without leaving 
  • SPEED WELDING:  Provide a  grounding point  on all metal surfaces  ready
  • NO DAMAGE:  In contrast to normal  floor clamps  , the paint on the metal surface is not damaged
  • QUICK AND EASY SETUP: Simply  attach it to a suitable place, clamp it on your workbench or on the side of your welder and you can start welding

  • VERSATILE:  The clamp can also be attached to metal bars, struts, railings or the welding table
  • LAST BUILT:  Made from high quality material with solid construction and design that adds class to any workspace 
  • WIDE APPLICATION:  Suitable for welding, soldering, assembling, marking, pipe installation and swimming or for any hanging application


  • Material: copper + insulation board
  • Magnetic disc diameter: 36 mm
  • Dimensions of the conductive bar: 65 x 10 (mm)

Package includes:

  • 1 x welding magnetic head