SmartAid Digital - digital hearing aid
SmartAid Digital - digital hearing aid
SmartAid Digital - digital hearing aid

SmartAid Digital - digital hearing aid

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SmartAid Digital is a 100% digital hearing aid and one of the smallest open-fit hearing aids available today.  Hearing aid wearers have called open-fit hearing aids the most comfortable and best sounding hearing aids available.  By not plugging the ear canal some sounds are heard naturally, while other sounds are amplified.  This is especially appreciated by the the millions of people living with a high frequency hearing loss.  

Do you struggle to hear in restaurants?  

Do you find you need the TV turned louder than other people?  

Do you struggle to hear woman and children more so than men?

SmartAid Digital can help you hear clearly once again!  With a 40dB amplifier, SmartAid Digital is suitable for people living with a mild to moderately-severe high frequency hearing loss. 

 Available Custom Programmed or Pre-Programmed

Simply select above whether you'll be sending us a copy of your hearing test results or if you want us to ship you your hearing aids pre-set.  If you send us a copy of your audiogram, we will program your hearing aids to match your hearing test results.  

If you select for us to send you your hearing aids Pre-Set above, you do NOT need to have a hearing test or have a copy of your audiogram.  We will ship your hearing instrument(s) pre-programmed to mimic a high frequency hearing loss, the most common pattern of hearing loss seen today.  

The same or similar hearing aids sell in retail hearing clinics for as much as $2000 each!

You can try SmartAids Digital with peace of mind thanks to our industry leading 100% Money Back Guarantee.