smart swab spiral ear cleaner
smart swab spiral ear cleaner
smart swab spiral ear cleaner
smart swab spiral ear cleaner

smart swab spiral ear cleaner

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Clean and remove excessive wax in your ear easily and comfortably with this smart swab.

Forget about the alternative ear cleaning methods. Its spiral design goes perfect distance into your ear and reduces the risk of injuring your eardrum or impairing hearing while eliminating earwax absolutely pain free.

It is portable that you can bring it anywhere you go. After cleaning your ear, you can simply dispose the silicone tip and replace it with a new one.


  • Easy Earwax Removerworks easily just by twisting the handle and removing your ear wax.

  • Pain Free- made of soft silicone ear cleaner allowing you to remove earwax of different-sized ear holes without being hurt unlike  with the common cleaning methods.

  • Portable- you can bring and use it everywhere. The handle is curved, comfortable and anti-slip to grip.
  • Disposable Soft Spiral Grooved Head- simply dispose it after using and replace it with a new one.

  • Safe- safe for adults and for baby. To maintain a clean & healthy ear canal, we suggest using the product once or twice a week.

    • You simply insert the flexible tip into the ear canal 
    • Twist the handle in the direction of the arrow. 



  • Size: 126 x 15 x 15 mm
  • Material: ABS+ Silicone


  • 1 x Easy Spiral Ear Cleaner handle 
  • 16 disposable tips