Pet Easy Clean Hair Removal Roller
Pet Easy Clean Hair Removal Roller
Pet Easy Clean Hair Removal Roller
Pet Easy Clean Hair Removal Roller
Pet Easy Clean Hair Removal Roller

Pet Easy Clean Hair Removal Roller

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100% reusable roller that cleans animal hair on ANY surface and in a few minutes

Stop spending time cleaning your cat or dog's hair that is loose on the sofa, bed, pillows or anywhere else in your home.

From now on you can let your pet stay on the couch or even on your bed, and simply clean the hairs that are loose there in a few minutes and with minimal effort .

Just use the Easy Clean Pet Roll

With simple back-and-forth movements, you can clean even those that stick most deeply , which cannot be cleaned with adhesive rollers or even a vacuum cleaner.

Pet EasyClean

The Pet Easy Clean Roll brings an efficient result because of the material used in its manufacture. Unlike conventional adhesive rollers, which are made with adhesive paper, the Pet Easy Clean roller has a brush made of electrostatic nylon .

The brush itself is used to brush the surface you want to clean. Electrostatic nylon, on the other hand, causes all dirt, whether hair, hair or dust, to stick to the roller until it is "scraped" into the dirt reservoir. This “scraping” happens automatically as you move the roller during use.

Who is the Pet Easy Clean Roll for?

Our Hair Removal Roller is suitable for anyone who is tired of spending time and money cleaning their pets' hair. It is perfect for those who want to spend a maximum of 5 minutes to clean their sofa, bed, pillows, cushions or any other surface .

Pet Easy Clean is super economical because it is 100% reusable . You do not need to change the roll after use, as its average duration is 6 months to 1 year . All without using electricity or batteries.

Adhesive rollers need to be replaced after a few uses and in the case of the vacuum cleaner, there is a low power consumption. In this case, the Pet Easy Clean Roller is a cheaper, more durable and more efficient solution, saving you a lot of time .

Regardless that:

  • You have shorthaired animals
  • Have longhaired animals
  • You want to keep your sofa, bed, pillow, clothes or any other surface away from hair
  • Have a cat, dog, rabbit or even horse
  • Pet Easy Clean is the ideal solution for you !!


How do I Clean Pet Easy Clean?

Our cleaning roller is very easy to clean. After use, the reservoir is full of hair, hair and dirt. And to clean all the dirt accumulated in the reservoir, you just have to open it and dump all the contents in a trash can.

After dumping all the dirt, it is advisable to wipe with a clean, damp cloth to clean the inside of the tank and the cleaning brush. But NEVER place the brush in direct contact with water.