Laundry dryer balls (6 pieces)
Laundry dryer balls (6 pieces)
Laundry dryer balls (6 pieces)
Laundry dryer balls (6 pieces)
Laundry dryer balls (6 pieces)
Laundry dryer balls (6 pieces)

Laundry dryer balls (6 pieces)

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Laundry wool dryer balls

Do you need help to   dry your laundry safely and quickly?

Reduce the  drying time by half  and extend the life of your clothes  naturally  with these  tumble dryer balls  ! This  lifts and separates your clothes while drying and absorbs static electricity without any chemicals from  the dryer sheets. It  shortens the drying time  by allowing hot air to circulate more evenly and efficiently.

In addition to drying your laundry quickly, these balls can also  reduce wrinkles  ,  soften clothes, and attract lint or pet hair  . It  leaves no excess residue  on your clothes and inside your dryer, making this an amazing laundry hack that you shouldn't miss.


  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY:  Provides improved blood circulation, which increases drying efficiency and saves you time and money by using less electricity
  • EXTENDING THE LIFE OF YOUR CLOTHING:  Shortened drying times also extend the life of your clothes because the dryer is less  worn out
  • NATURAL SOFT CLOTHING:  It keeps your clothes soft, fresh and fragrant while preventing heavy items such as jeans, blankets, sheets and more from clumping together
  • NO MORE WRINKLES OR STATIC WRINKLES:  Your laundry stays soft and  loose  , while minimizing static buildup and wrinkles
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: These are fully reusable, so you can now  say goodbye to expensive  disposable dryer sheets and chemical-laden fabric softeners 

How to use:

  • Place the dryer balls with your laundry in the dryer
  • Use 3-4 balls for small or medium loads and 5-6 balls for larger loads
  • Turn on your dryer and watch your clothes dry faster as your clothes soften


  • Material: 100% wool
  • Size: 7 cm 

Package includes:

  • 6x dryer balls