GECKO Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb high-performance (comes with protective box)
GECKO Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb high-performance (comes with protective box)
GECKO Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb high-performance (comes with protective box)

GECKO Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb high-performance (comes with protective box)

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About The Phonetic Stickers

Beginner: You could stick the phonetic mark on the key, or some other unique ways you would like. It’s more convenient for you to play it. Professionals: Just remove the phonetic stickers mark when you master your kalimba well. Can be converted to key B: You could convert key C to key B with the tuning hammer if you need key B when playing kalinba

How to tune your kalimba

1: Tuner You can use a real tuner or download an App. Android system app: gStrings, Apple system app: Instuner. 2. Tune with harmmer: Making tines longer (from the point where they are held down on the bridge) will lower their pitch, and making them shorter will make their pitch higher.

Great case to protect kalimba

1.The new design bag can prevent the thumb piano from being damaged, humidified, oxided, scratched and so on. With the case, traveling with the instrument is very convenient, and you can play it any time at anywhere. 2.As a free new box, when you receive and open it, maybe you smell the material. Don't worry,please keep it open and put in a re-ventilated environment a few minutes ,the smell will disappear.

Perfect Gifts For Your Friends, Lover And Yourself.

Delicate color kraft box packing for Kalimba, which makes it a wonderful gift for your important friends, lover, farther, mother, teachers, boss, brothers and sisters. It will help you fully express your love and sincerity!

GECKO Kalimba Package includes:

1*17 Keys Kalimba 1*Instruction Book 1*Learning Book 1*Tune Hammer 1* Tune Stickers 1*Kalimba Box 1*Cleaning Cloth 1*Cloth Bag

YouTube Song Teaching

makes you easier to master kalimba

Features & details

High-quality Materials: Handmade with high-quality mahogany and ore steel bars, giving you a better sense of hearing, vision and touch. Wonderful Sound: Without any music basis, you just move your thumb to get the wonderful music that delights your day long.Applicable: The best instrument for performance, recording, family, outdoor, school, party, and relaxation. Study Guidance: With our professionally produced kalimba learning booklet, it introduces the use and performance method of kalimba in detail.QR Code to watch our video to learn as we guide you and communicate with you Security Protection: EVA kalimba boxes can effectively protect kalimba regardless of performance or collection, preventing moisture, oxidation, scratches, falling, waterproofing and very easy to carry. After-sales Service: 365 days warranty, 45 days unconditional return guarantee. If you have any questions or demanding advice on musical instruments, please feel free to contact us.