Door flap
Door flap
Door flap
Door flap
Door flap
Door flap

Door flap

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Update your drawers and cabinets by removing the handles  

Do you want to have sleek and minimalist cabinets and cupboards,  but are afraid  to spend too much money? We have a solution for you, the introduction of the  door flap.

Door flap  is an   innovative locking system  that  closes and opens doors without handles or knobs  and complicated locks and   makes your home more sophisticated.

Our   door damper   can design  your drawers and cupboards in a minimalist modern way. It  is made of  stainless steel and ABS plastic and is therefore extremely robust and durable. It is  very easy to install. It can be attached to the top, bottom or side of the cabinet.  It is  perfect for cabinets, drawers, cabinets, sideboards and more.

PRESS TO OPEN:  Built-in spring loaded piston.  You  can simply press the door to lock or unlock it. Eliminates the need for  handles or buttons. Create a clean, seamless look with no buttons. Suitable for use with hinges without self-closing function.

LONG LIFT WITH MAGNET: The  long stroke with built-in magnet and  magnetic force ensures a safe  closing point  that holds the door closer together and no longer "drifts" doors.  Make this push lock more suitable for medium sized doors.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE PISTON / SPRING:  Bigger and thicker The high-performance spring mechanism is tensioned enough  to make this  pressure opener an exceptionally durable and timeless choice. Ask a lifetime of up to 200,000 times safely    .

EASY INSTALLATION:  With the included adhesive  , you can  install the ultra-slim punch without drilling screw holes. Also  comes with strike screws. Installation of two screws in the bottom bracket. The  magnetic tip can be adjusted to 3 mm, so you don't have to worry if it could be difficult to pinpoint the bracket.


  1. Position of  door flap base  not visible from the front. Tighten with screws in the front, middle, and rear holes.
  2.  Insert the door flap  into the front slot on the base.
  3. Attach the  disc metal in the appropriate position.
  4. You can set the distance of the top of the  door flap   adapt   optimize effectively to the closing gap.
  5. Use a  flat-blade screwdriver to loosen the door flap  at the base .  

UPDATE YOUR DRAWERS:  This  door flap  can minimize your child's curiosity about drawer handles . With  this upgrade, there are fewer scenarios in which your child opens a random drawer in your home.


Material:  ABS plastic and metal housing
Head:  Magnetic tip
color:  Gray Overall
length:   128 mm

Set of: 2 pieces, 4 pieces door flap (screws included)