Cat chaser
Cat chaser
Cat chaser
Cat chaser
Cat chaser
Cat chaser
Cat chaser

Cat chaser

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Do you want an easy way to play with your cats? 

It's great fun  watching cats play with this  cat chaser . It makes sense that our cats love to hunt things because hunting is one of their main instincts. This is an  interactive toy  that is great for your pets and  can keep them hunting for hours  so they are relaxed and have fun in the room. 

Cat Chaser  is useful for training cats and  letting them “hunt” the laser image with their natural prey  . You can also   play with your cat from the comfort of your own chair . That is why it is the most popular and craziest of all cat toys.


  • AMAZING EXERCISE  :  A great way to let your cat run around the house to keep her active.
  • PRONALINSTINKTE HONOR  :  Ensures  that pets learn the survival skills they need.
  • Mental Illness:  Keeping the brain active by playing with them is a great way  to keep the brain  running .
  • CHOOSING YOUR OWN CAT OWNERS:  You can  keep your cat active from the  comfort of your own chair. 


  • USB RECHARGEABLE:   Eliminates the need for a normal charger or battery, can be easily charged with  power banks  . 
  • BONDING:  Playing and exercising help reduce the anxiety and tension of cats. 
  • VARIOUS LIGHTING MODES AND PATTERNS :  It contains a red light pointer  with 4  pattern patterns  , UV light and a white flashlight 
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS:  Made from alloyed materials for a long  life  .


  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Size: 11.4 * 1.6 cm

Package includes: 

  • Cat Chaser x 1