Baby Sound B Fetal Doppler
Baby Sound B Fetal Doppler
Baby Sound B Fetal Doppler
Baby Sound B Fetal Doppler
Baby Sound B Fetal Doppler

Baby Sound B Fetal Doppler

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Technical Specification for the fetal doppler:


Baby Sound B Pocket Fetal Doppler is a hand held equipment for detecting Fetal Heart Rate(FHR) which is specially designed for pregnant women to conduct daily detection of FHR by themselves. Pregnant women can operate by themselves to hear fetal heart sound and calculate FHR to realize the purpose of pre-monitoring and fetus caring.Baby Sound B is a high performance model with LCD digital display.

 Main Features

■ The probe and main units integrated together

■ Delicate and compact design, portable to use

■ Particular 2 Headphone Sockets design can let expectant mother and father hear the fetal heart sound together

■ High sensitive doppler probe

■ Low ultrasound output intensity, much lower than the relative government standard and with high safe quality

■ Low power consumption, two AAA size batteries can last more than 8 hours for continuous use (depend on battery type and volume)

■ LCD FHR Display with high accuracy

■ Screen will be locked automatically without signal for 15s, which is convenient for pregnant women to operate individually

How to use?
Before using it for the first time, make sure 2 batteries are in
Press the power button to power on, then adjust the volume
Lie flat with a cushion pillow, keep legs straight and relax
Attach the fetal probe to the abdomen to locate the position of the fetus and find out the best direction to the fetal heart
After hearing regular fetal heart sound, the FHR value will display on the screen in real time